9-11 20 Years Later.

Chris Martin
1 min readSep 11, 2021

When I was 13 years old I was talking to my friends about C&C RA2 coming out soon.

I didn’t see the images until I was an adult.

But what I did see was my mother worried.

What I did hear was my Nana steadfastly saying “I’m not leaving.” She was living in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.

What I remember I realizing I won’t get to play with her crane scissors on a plane again.

What I saw was a country that had again chosen unity.

In my experience war is the only true galvanizer, whether life and death are on the line or not.

The whole world is fighting a war against Covid-19 at once.

May we use this as an opportunity to galvanize as a planet against a common enemy whatever that may be according to the only true neutral party: science.

We need to come to an agreement of a few kpis that we can all agree should measure our future decisions regarding this.

  1. Death rate of confirmed covid cases. Don’t be lazy. Enough said? Ps. You’re crushing it all the same and you need help. Who is in a position to help.

2) How many have positive tests after vaccination? Is it actually helping?

I’m sure there’s more but this should be a good start.

Be kind. Remember those lost. Take care.


Ps. 13 year old me would like you to know the game got delayed because there were the twin towers in the original case.

The thoughts of a child.



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