We’re like Rock n Roll Pirates.

Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds.

People Love People That Make Good Food.

Yes, even your crush.

“If your food isn’t getting you laid you’re doing something wrong.” — Captain Obvious

Everyone dreams of being with someone that can cook (or bake).

Granted the idea is far more glamorous than reality, there is still the allure.

It’s because of you.

To my Supporters,

Thank you.

Because of you I get to do what I love the way I want.

Because of you I do what I have to Because I know what it means to those beyond me.

You are my fuel.
You are my why.
You are my how.

Woah. That was rough.

I’ve spent many many many hours in kitchens.

In fact I’ve once spent 26 hours STRAIGHT at work; and ya know what, I wasn’t wasn’t upset about it.

However this weekend I cooked Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun and I gotta tell ya…I am exhausted.

8 hour days are nothing…

Make your words mean something.

“Here, let me show you what I mean.” — I said

Grasping the pork belly in hand the new cook replied “I got this"

“I’m sorry, that’s about $300 worth of pork belly for the weekend and frankly I don’t trust you like that yet. …

Live in the world you’re in.

“That’s ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to try so hard to get people to do their jobs!” Sharon shouted.

“Should you have to? No, but that’s not the life you’re living in. We’re living I this world. Now, you can sit here and be pissed about the game you’re playing or…

Stay Ready, You Don’t Gotta Get Ready.

Luck lives on the corner of Preparation & Opportunity.

If you constantly focus on your goal and being the best at it that you can possibly be when the opportunity you will be on it.

But be warned, just going through the motions of a task will not make you…

There's more to us

A master shows itself in everything they do — Professor Greg Nelson. The Minnesota Martial Arts Academy.






I was rounding the end of my drills.

Every morning and every night for 3 months

One Hundred kicks with the left and right leg

Mastery would…

Good is the enemy of great.

If you know it could be better its your duty to do so.

Sure your widget may be getting decent results now, but there’s always room for improvement; it’s up to us to find where to improve, how to improve it and to execute the process.

I’m Commis Chef Chris…

Don’t ruin your own day.

I just want you to know, we are not slighting you on a tip! My husband likes tipping the day of service😊Have a great party 😊 — R.

The thought literally never crossed my mind.

I used to be a server and one of the first rules I gave myself…

Chris Martin

A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

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