A Thought a Day. No.32

Planning for the life I want.

Chris Martin
2 min readDec 14, 2021

I was listening to a chat on Clubhouse last night that was talking about decreasing intimacy in the future due to things like: The Metaverse.

It seems people are growing more and more interested in getting to know each other online before meeting in person.

Now, that’s always kinda been a thing because after you go on enough dates you may start to think you’d better make sure this person is even worth leaving the house for, much less the date prep aspect.

The conversation continued to flow, but I was no longer in it.

Not that I shared prior, but now my mind was adrift.

Skip ahead skip ahead I came to this question:

When planning a first date with a person do you:

Plan the date with their interests in mind thus customizing it for each person?

Or do you

Plan it with your interests in mind showing a glimpse into your "perfect day"?

Personally, I plan based on my own
interests because I’m going to do those things in my life regardless of who I’m with; the only question is: will they be there with me?

Personally I prefer her and I share some loves, but enjoy many the other doesn’t.

P.s. I’d love for her to want to train bjj
with me.

My wife will know Foxxy Brown’s verse in "No Diggity".

I’ve said it for years.

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