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“Christopher, when you figure out the point of money will you tell me?” — My Nana Rose Marie “Tina Devine" “Peaches" D’Avanzo

First, I love you Nana.

One day in my early teens my Nana and I had one of our many conversations about society, bartering & exploits we stumbled on “why did we get away from bartering?”.

There were a few theories but neither of us were satisfied with the answer and both of us clearly wanting to figure out this problem but had stuff to do went about stuff with that problem going on in the backs of our minds.

So long as I’m thinking about her, I love you mom.

The String

Anyways, one day I called her for a chat and so proud, I finally came up with an answer I wasn’t sure of, but felt pretty good about the likelihood.

“OK so Nana, remember that time we were talking about money and bartering and why we don’t do that as much anymore? I think I got it!” I said excited to go over the idea with her.

Nana is an Italian that married a black man in Queens New York in the 50’s or 60’s by the way (we never really talked about him since he passed when my mom was a little girl.)

“OH do tell me my Christopher.”

I began to explain how I thought money or some sort of denotation was the best way for us to continue bartering.

Because we value and therefore “need" cars, milk, jewelry and a seemingly unending list of items the only way say the carrot farmer that wants a say Ferrari has a chance to get it is through a series of transactions though possible makes it a lot harder and involves a lot of unnecessary steps.

Bartering was good when we were small villages. People in the same area often had the same needs but different mean or outcomes so they could trade with each other for items much more easily.

However turns out it’s gonna be hard to sell someone in Antartica sandals (I’m guessing).

The Ball

Once upon a time I took a cultural anthropology class.

I was very interested because I thought it was about cultures.

I’m glad because I was correct in that inference.

I was disappointed to learn that they were all aboriginal cultures.

But all the same that class gave me insights into how wars were started between the cultures.

(OK, obviously I didn’t pay much attention in that class but I got enough for this post, so whatever, it’s a win.)

Anyways, moral of this story, different cultures fight each other if they don’t work together.

The Quilt

We’re going to leave earth some day.

That’s going to happen.

Assuming this world isn’t a simulation and there are all those things in space, like you know….everything.

We will live off Earth (likely then inhabiting multiple planets rather than a new one all together.)

Now is the time to consciously determine what that looks like through small steps.

Personally, I see crypto as being an amazing beginning to get this started.

Or destroy it from the beginning.

Let’s use this to build communities.

In my head I see a planet of gamers just going to town running around in AR having themselves a blast.

I’m not sure what that means at the moment but what I do know I hope this opportunity is being taken seriously.

Volatility is scary because it shows this may be a fad like tamagotchis

But with some of these big winners really going a long route maybe we can have a currency of the future.

One that will allow us to work as a team because we have the same playing field just different levels.

The game is rigged in your favor, I promise.

It’s just a really fucking hard game.

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