Emotion Vomit.

Sometimes we just gotta chat

I'm sitting here having a rough go of it today. My body is aching from practice…two days ago. Still fuming from someone that went too far.

I haven't felt that productive lately. probably because I haven't been very productive. I'm somewhat procrastinating but always making progress. Maybe not all of the progress but a decent amount and yet, I feel almost worthless.

I'm not sure what's bringing me to share my thoughts feelings and emotions in this fashion but something says to do so and so here we are. who knows if it will ever be read by another person of my own intention. but that's not the point here.

I’m Commis Chef Chris Martin. I’ve been in the Culinary industry for 16 years and I love spending my time helping as many people as I can whether it's through advising on how I dealt with some of my own life challenges, or if it’s through SavorThePassion.com where I’m working to increase the quality of life of all that I can through the power of food.

I wanted to talk about something else entirely today actually. well, I wanted to talk about exactly this but from a slightly different perspective. Here's the deal, you need to put in the effort. I need to put in MORE effort. What's crazy is I know those close to me will absolutely scoff at me saying that sentence because it often seems like all I do is work.

I'm making relationships, I'm connecting friends, I'm cooking, I'm making sales, I'm decompressing (which has somehow become a chore…) I'm game planning, I'm strategizing, I'm problem-solving.

I'm. Busy.

And yet, I need to do more.

I don't need to do more to appease others.

I need to do more because I cant live with myself if I don't.

Here's the thing about being a high performer: you always expect more of yourself. Full stop.

The awesome thing about being a high performer is that based on what you went through to get to wherever you are strongest you have gained the confidence to know that you can conquer any obstacle given a long enough time horizon. Nothing is impossible to you, just really fucking difficult and requires more and more of our attention until effectively nothing else matters by comparison.

It comes in two parts.

1–100% of the money in my wallet is a direct product of my self-education. From finding my way into kitchens to learning how to start a business, learning marketing, sales, copywriting, funnel building, relationship management, interpersonal communication, intrapersonal communication, mathematics, cooking; all skills I developed that allowed me to always have money in my pocket even when I lost 3 jobs in 7 days during a pandemic.

2 — Knowing that even in the downtimes I know what I'm capable of and as long as I still have my health I am capable of whatever I wish. It may be difficult, it may take a while, but I'll get there.

I guess all I want to say is this: keep on chugging on *choo * choo*

Thank you very much for your time; it is the most precious resource we have available to us, so thank you. If you’re interested in learning more about what I am all about the best way to do it is to visit https://linktr.ee/CommisChefChris there you can follow all things me and my work with Chefs and other avenues of life.

As always,

Follow Your Passion.

Stay Safe. Stay Passionate.

~Commis Chef Chris



A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

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Chris Martin

A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.