Ginger: A Root with a Story

Chris Martin
4 min readSep 27, 2023
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As the first light of dawn filters through a steamy Minnesota kitchen, the unmistakable scent of ginger fills the air. A culinary favorite, ginger is more than just a spice; it’s a tale of tradition, history, and gastronomy.

A Glimpse into Ginger’s Global Journey

The tantalizing zing of ginger has found its way from ancient China and India to the world's most exquisite kitchens. Fun fact? Ginger was so valuable in the 13th and 14th centuries that a pound of ginger could be traded for a sheep!

Cleaning and Savoring Ginger to its Fullest

1. Cleaning: Hold a piece of ginger, and using the edge of a spoon, gently scrape off its skin. It's that simple!
2. Grating: For a burst of intense flavor, use a microplane.
3. Slicing: Thinly slice ginger for stir-fries or to infuse drinks.

*(Photo: Hands cleaning, grating, and slicing ginger on a chopping board.)*

Taste Ginger in Three Remarkable Ways

Photo of ginger tea by Dominik Martin on Unsplash

1. Ginger Tea: Steep slices in hot water, add honey. Perfect for a cold Minnesota night.
2. Stir-Fried: Ginger pairs perfectly with garlic, elevating any vegetable or protein dish.
3. Candied Ginger: A sweet, spicy treat that’s perfect for snacking or garnishing desserts.

In the Company of Ginger: Perfect Pairings

Ginger seamlessly dances with:
1. Honey
2. Garlic
3. Soy sauce
4. Lemon
5. Turmeric
6. Chicken
7. Fish
8. Green tea
9. Coconut milk
10. Cilantro

Discovering the Ginger Spectrum

1. Fresh Ginger: The most aromatic and spicy. Essential for most Asian cuisines.
2. Dried Ginger: Less spicy but more fragrant. Often used in desserts and spice mixes.
3. Ground Ginger: Offers a warm, sweet flavor, ideal for baking.
4. Pickled Ginger: Commonly paired with sushi, it's tangy with a hint of sweetness.
5. Crystallized Ginger: Sweetened and coated with sugar, it's a spicy-sweet delight.

Who's Behind the Grill?

Greetings! I’m Commis Chef Chris. My 19-year culinary voyage, with 6 of those years as a personal chef in Minnesota, has been nothing short of exhilarating.

The author Commis Chef Chris in uniform cleaning a grill with a Great Scrape during a weekend-long engagement at a lodge in Wisconsin.

From cooking for bustling families, and NFL stars, to the Fire Chief you wave at every morning – it’s the joy of the journey that keeps me going.

Ginger Spiced Honey Chicken Recipe

- Chicken breasts: 4
- Fresh ginger: 2 inches, grated
- Honey: 4 tbsp
- Soy sauce: 2 tbsp
- Garlic cloves: 3, minced
- Salt and pepper: to taste

1. Mix ginger, honey, soy sauce, and garlic in a bowl.
2. Marinade chicken in this mixture for at least 30 minutes.
3. In a skillet, cook chicken until golden and cooked through.
4. Drizzle remaining marinade, and let it simmer until it forms a glaze.
5. Serve hot, garnished with spring onions.

Embark on Your Own Culinary Adventures

Feeling inspired? Maybe you’re thinking, "Is there a chef near me who can recreate this?" or "Can I hire a chef for my upcoming event?" Whatever your culinary dreams, dive in, savor each moment, and appreciate the flavors.

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**Question for you**: What’s your fondest memory or dish associated with ginger? Let’s reminisce in the comments!

FAQs About Ginger:

Q1: How to store ginger?
A1: In a cool, dry place. Fresh ginger can also be refrigerated or frozen.

Q2: What are the health benefits of ginger?
A2: Ginger is believed to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and combat colds.

Q3: Can ginger be grown at home?
A3: Absolutely! It thrives indoors in pots or outdoors in warmer climates.

Q4: Why does ginger get fibrous?
A4: Older ginger tends to be more fibrous. Choose young, smooth-skinned ginger for a juicier texture.

Q5: Can I substitute ground ginger for fresh?
A5: They have different flavor profiles. In a pinch, use ¼ tsp ground ginger for every tablespoon of fresh.

Q6: How to make ginger juice?
A6: Grate ginger and squeeze out the juice using a cheesecloth.

Q7: Does ginger help with motion sickness?
A7: Some people find ginger helpful in reducing symptoms of motion sickness.

Q8: What’s the difference between yellow and blue ginger?
A8: Blue ginger is more pungent and has a blueish hue when cut, whereas yellow is milder.

Q9: How to remove the spiciness of ginger in dishes?
A9: Pair it with creamy ingredients or dairy to balance out the heat.

Q10: Is ginger keto-friendly?
A10: Yes! Ginger is low in carbs and can be incorporated into a keto diet.



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