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I’m Commis Chef Chris Martin. I’ve been in the Culinary industry 16 years and I love spending my time helping as many people as I can whether its through giving advice on how I dealt with some of my own life challenges, or if it’s through SavorThePassion.com where I’m working to increase the quality of life of all that I can through the power of food.

Life is nothing more than a series of challenges. What most don’t realize is that we determine a great deal of how we respond to them early on in life. You can avoid them at all costs, act afraid and shy away/ ignore them, or you can face them head-on and make them your bitch.

There are so many people that prefer to avoid challenges. To a degree I understand and even agree with their path. In a lot of ways it makes more sense to avoid challenges. Namely, to avoid undue stress. The problem here is a life without stresses also bring a life without reward. Rather, without extra-ordinary rewards. You will be stuck in a world of average rewards. Never anything terrible, but without the risk you will also never get the great either. If you want great rewards the only option is to take risks and solve problems; ie: overcome obstacles.

There’s another option though. You can ignore your obstacles as well. When you see a tough situation ahead; instead of facing it or simply avoiding it, you act as though it’s not there at all. These people can attest to the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” however the part they fail to mention is that when you ignore an obstacle it’s no less there than it was when you saw it in the distance. In fact if you ignore those obstacles they don’t remain in the distance; no, no, you sit in their shadow. One day when you’re ready to emerge, there it shall be, waiting for you demanding every bit of your attention until you solve the problem.

Finally, you can be the attacker, the aggressor, the one that faces the challenges head-on. At first these may seem daunting. In fact they ought to. Its those that solve large problems that experience the greatest paydays. Not just with their wallets mind you, but in life as well. How are you going to get that date if you don’t approach them? How are you going to get a raise if you don’t confront your boss? Speaking of confronting your boss I feel like I should mention, though I often reference entrepreneurship that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with having a job and having a boss. There are many benefits to being the number 2, just be the best damn #2 you can be. When I was a child maybe seven or eight I was doing some sort of exercise, I don’t remember what it was by my mother looked at me and said “Chris, you’re tired, why don’t you take a break?” I kept working and said “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.” I’ll never forget my mother’s face when I said that. I’m not sure where that came from, maybe its from spending my early years growing up on Air Force bases across America and Europe, maybe it was innate. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t be more thankful for that moment as it shaped the rest of my life.

I’ll leave you with this; if you face a challenge, don’t simply conquer it, but learn from it. Develop your principles to avoid the situation in the future and to learn how to handle similar issues in the future so that you can iterate on your own behaviors, solve problems more quickly and ultimately grow more quickly.

Before you go I’m going to ask a favor; I want to hear what you think. If you think I don’t know what I’m talking about say so, heck share it with your friends and say “look at this guy calling himself a Chef, he has no idea what he’s talking about.” If you agree let me know, share it with your friends, you know how we like to see that other Chefs see the world similar to ourselves, get a good laugh out of it.

Please, share my posts with your friends as I continue to write every day about daily life from the perspective of a human who happens to love cooking.

Go to https://www.digestthepassion.com/blog to sign up for my blog where I talk about food, what it takes to become a Chef and the future of the culinary landscape as I see it.

Stay Passionate. Stay Safe.

~Commis Chef Chris




A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

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Chris Martin

Chris Martin

A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

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