Recipes For Self Care

Recently it was brought to my attention a mentor of mine was in the ICU with Covid-19 Delta.

Then he told me how I could help: write him healthy recipes so he can control his own recovery; now THAT I can do!

I’d like to tell you it was an easy labor of love for someone that’s given so much clarity to my future, but the truth is it’s a labor of love alright, but it sure ain’t easy.

Not because writing a recipe is difficult. No. Food manipulation is my strength. No, the difficulty is in that I’m used to writing recipes for myself, but I HATE writing recipes that are for my level of cooking in a way relative layman can understand.

Here’s the good news though: I’m going to send him recipes daily. Now, what does that mean for you, well about 10 minutes ago I decided I might as well share them with the world!


I’m Commis Chef Chris Martin. I’ve been in the Culinary industry for 17 years and I love spending my time helping as many people as I can, whether it's through advising on how I dealt with some of my own life challenges, or if it’s through where I’m making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

Tskune with rice & zucchini

.5# ground chicken

.5# ground turkey

1tbl soy sauce

1tsp Chinese 5 spice

.5 tbl s&p mix

1 tsp sesame oil

2 tbl chopped chives SMALL

1 tsp garlic

T tblsp ground fresh ginger (use a microplane, cheese grater or buy it in a tube)

1 tsp ground lemongrass (in a tube if you can find it)

Mix well in a cold bowl.Cook a small piece to test seasoning. Season with When its dialed in scoop into meatballs and roast in the oven at 400 for 10 mins. Eat 1/4 of meat balls at a time.


Brown rice.

In a pot with 1 gal of water make a bouquet garni with 2 oz Bonito flakes 4 Oz kombu.Steep like tea.Remove bouquet and cook brown rice with the remaining liquid (known as Ichiban dashi) (you can reuse that bouquet to make niban dashi and set aside for future miso soup)



Take a large zucchini and cut off both ends (you can eat the whole thing, I just don't.) Cut in half lengthwiseNow cut those in half lengthwise.Now cut width wise every inch.Toss with 2oz Canola oil, 1/4 tsp chili oil, 1/4 sesame oil, 1 tsp soy sauce, 1 tsp mirinBroil in over for 5 mins.

How do I make tskune differently than you? Let me know what I have to try below!

Thank you very much for your time; it is the most precious resource we have available to us, so thank you. If you're interested in learning more about what I am all about the best way to do it is to visit

As always,

Follow Your Passion.

~Commis Chef Chris




A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

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Chris Martin

Chris Martin

A Chef of 17 years using his knowledge and expertise to connect Chefs & foodies to create a great experience by making ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza.

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